[Beowulf] Building a Beowulf - Noob

Jon Forrest jlforrest at berkeley.edu
Sat Apr 17 21:26:34 PDT 2010

On 4/17/2010 9:15 PM, Richard Chang wrote:
> I am a bit new. Trying to build a cluster from ground up. I need to
> build a new 32 node cluster from ground up.
> Hardware has been decided, Nehalam based, but OS is still a debate. I am
> in a dilemma whether to keep things simple or to cut costs.
> In order to keep things simple, I can order Platform Cluster Manager
> with RHEL HPC license per node. Or I can use Rocks with CentOS.
> I want to know what the other members of this list do.

What I do is use the free Rocks clustering package
(http://www.rocksclusters.org/wordpress/). It's free
and you can be up and running in no time.

Also free is Perceus (http://www.perceus.org/portal/)
which takes a different approach than Rocks.
It's more work to get started but what you end
up with is exactly what you want - no more and no less.

There's no reason to spend any money on software to
create a cluster. Maybe later you'll find some commercial
products that solve specific problems, but one of the nice
things about modern clusters is that there's so much
good quality free software available.

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