[Beowulf] which 24 port unmanaged GigE switch?

Skylar Thompson skylar at cs.earlham.edu
Mon Apr 5 16:41:24 PDT 2010

On 4/5/2010 1:27 PM, Michael Di Domenico wrote:
> A couple small 10node clusters we have setup used to routinely drop
> off the network and the switch would have to be hard reset for it to
> return.  Granted we didn't do any deep analysis (just replaced with
> cisco) and it could be attributed to some bad switches, but i've also
> seen this at home with some 1gb switches i bought.
> over the years i've been using netgear enterprise and home products,
> they are wonderful in light use 80-85% max throughput, but once you
> hit the 90+ areas they seem to start to degrade either through packet
> loss or over heating
> we still buy them for our management network, they're cheaper then hp
> and we just need it for kickstarts, snmp, etc..

This has been my experience too. We had a pair of managed Netgear
gigabit switches at my last job with the two GBIC as uplinks bonded
together with LACP. We probably burned out all four GBICs every year,
and although Netgear was happy to continue replacing them it was
certainly annoying.

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