[Beowulf] AMD 6100 vs Intel 5600

Jerker Nyberg jerker at Update.UU.SE
Thu Apr 1 05:34:59 PDT 2010

On Thu, 1 Apr 2010, Peter Kjellstrom wrote:

> My experience is that in HPC it always boils down to price/performance and
> that would in my eyes make apples out of Magnycour and Westmere.

I just ordered two desktop systems with Intel i7-860 2.8 GHz QC and 16 GB 
RAM for evaluation, to run as computation nodes for our CPU-bound 
batchlike application. I'll figure out the performance/price later but it 
seems to be significantly better than Xeons from the same vendor. It feels 
like 15 years ago all over again. I guess the major drawback is the lack 
of ECC RAM, so maybe they get their second life as ordinary desktops 
sooner rather than later...

Jerker Nyberg.

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