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Bruno Coutinho coutinho at dcc.ufmg.br
Thu Sep 24 11:05:26 PDT 2009

2009/9/24 Hearns, John <john.hearns at mclaren.com>

> The chip itself is becoming a NUMA-like system, with its own internal
> network, a crossbar switch and its own internal topology. At some
> time, if the number of cores continues to grow, it wouldn't be that
> surprising to see some locality emerge, in the form of local clusters
> of cores, tightly coupled on a bus ring,
> Kilian, I agree.  I was just being a bit jocular about the complexity of
> this thing.
> Yes, it’s a little NUMA system on a chip - which is quite exciting really.
> Take a four-socket one of these, and a bucketload of RAM, and you have a
> pretty nice
> personal system.
As the number of cores increase, NUMA multicores will inevitably appear, but
I never though that it would happen that soon.

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