[Beowulf] How do I work around this patent?

m at pavis.biodec.com m at pavis.biodec.com
Wed Sep 23 01:18:10 PDT 2009

* Jeremy Baker (jellogum at gmail.com) [090922 21:17]:
>    Can someone help me to better understand how these patents interact with
>    the open source bazaar method of programing, Linux, the law, GIS systems
>    with meta data that is essentially 3-D access for a user's avatar, etc? I
>    am having flow chart issues that are not flowing... and I am now back to
>    the world of research (patents) when I would rather be writing and
>    compiling software.

you just ignore it, as everybody should, then move to a country where
software patents simply do not exists (like Europe, for example: yes
there is a thing called the European Patent Office, no those pieces of
paper that they issue have no value whatsoever) 

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