[Beowulf] XEON power variations

Tom Rockwell rockwell at pa.msu.edu
Tue Sep 15 12:45:29 PDT 2009


Intel assigns the same power consumption to different clockspeeds of L, 
E, X series XEON.  All L series have the same rating, all E series etc.  
So, taking their numbers, the fastest of each type will always have the 
best performance per watt.  And there is no power consumption penalty 
for buying the fastest clockspeed of each type.  Vendor's power 
calculators reflect this (dell.com/calc for example).  To me this seems 
like marketing simplification...  Anybody know any different, e.g. have 
you seen other numbers from vendors or tested systems yourself?

Is the power consumption of a system with an E5502 CPU really the same 
as one with an E5540?

Tom Rockwell

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