[Beowulf] Intra-cluster security

stephen mulcahy smulcahy at atlanticlinux.ie
Mon Sep 14 01:31:52 PDT 2009

Leif Nixon wrote:
>> I wrote up a whole series of posts on it, detailing everything (apart
>> from the victims name/id/location/university) so that some others
>> could learn and protect themselves.  My descriptions managed to get me
>> ... moderated ... by someone who claimed I was being alarmist ... for
>> posting the gory details and making suggestions to the same community
>> on how to avoid it.
> Too bad. The community needs more war stories. There is too much
> covering up.

I strongly agree with this. Real war stories would give real admins a 
better chance of prioritising their efforts to address real problems 
(rather than whatever is currently being pushed by one vendor or another).

In practice, I think a lot of security problems come from layer 8 - if 
you can deal with that, the rest is easy :)


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