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>Subject: Wake on LAN supported on both built-in interfaces ... ?? 
>richard.walsh at comcast.net wrote: 
>> I have a head node that am trying to get WOL set up on. 
>> It is a SuperMicro motherboard (X8DTi-F) with two built 
>> in interfaces (eth0, eth1). I am told by SuperMicro support 
>> that both interfaces support WOL fully, but when I probe them 
>> with ethtool only eth0 indicates that it supports WOL with: 
>> ..... 

>That board has "Intel® 82576 Dual-Port Gigabit Ethernet" 
>and Intel provides some information on that here: 
>where it says: 
> Wake-on-LAN support: 
> Packet recognition and wake-up for LAN on motherboard 
> applications without software configuration 
>and nothing more. That is ambiguous, it requires that at least one 
>interface support WOL, but it does not say explicitly that both do. 
>Most likely the hardware does support on both ports but the driver is 
>confused somehow by the dual chip. 
>Try contacting the author of the linux driver and/or Intel directly. 


Here is some follow up on this WOL question. I did contact the driver 
folks and did some further checking. Standby power has to be supplied 
to both ports, but no one could assure me that it was for my motherboard. 
The suggestion was that because there was nothing in the EEPROM/BIOS 
to activate or switch to the other port that is perhaps was not. 

Economy of design and logic suggest that it should not be needed anyway, 
and upon further thought I simply swapped interface names with the MAC 
addresses in the ifcfg-eth0 and ifcfg-eth1 files, and then swapped my cables 
and rebooted, which was easy to do. There are half a dozen was to set 
or fix your interface names with specific MAC addresses/ports. Here 
is a good reference for doing this: 


So, I have WOL working ... ;-) ... as I want. 


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