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MPICH2 condensed instructions:

mpd daemon ring setup (MPICH2 installed supposed)

1. At all nodes:
cd $HOME
touch .mpd.conf
chmod 600 .mpd.conf
nano .mpd.conf
(if there's no nano - aptitude install nano)
Enter in the file:
_secretword_ must be the same at all nodes
2. At all nodes in /etc/hosts as root enter all nodes IP's, for the current node change by its actual IP.
3. At head node run:
mpd &
mpdtrace -l

Get _host_ _ _port_
4. At slave nodes run
mpd -h _host_ -p _port_ &
5. See if the daemon ring started by running

Running mpiexec (2 examples)

1. mpiexec -machinefile /home/user/mfile -np 4 -wdir /home/user ./_YourCode_
The content of the file mfile:

2 - number of cores

2. mpiexec -genv FOO BAR -n 2 -host Slave0 a.out : -n 2 -host Slave1 b.out

FOO - environment variable
BAR - its value
a.out and b.out - executables. 

> Edited revision of original post without permission from author:
> "Hello folks;
> I want to make a cluster system employing the command/function: mpich, in Ubuntu, but I am not too familiar with it. I could use some advice for a problem that a good translation might solve for me.
> I have followed the instructions [assuming translated into your native language] for mpich, the information related to the cluster that I am using, but it does not work. The project is related to an important work that is my thesis. Help would be greatly appreciated!"
> What is your native language?
> On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 4:33 AM, christian suhendra  wrote:
> > halo guys i wants to make a cluster system with mpich in ubuntu,,but i have troubleshooting with mpich..
> >  but when i run the example program in mpich..it doesn't work in cluster..but i've registered the node on machine.LINUX..
> >  but still not working
> > please help me..this is my thesis...
> > 
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