[Beowulf] Re: CentOS plus Fedora kernel?

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Sun Nov 29 15:01:02 PST 2009

Gregory Matthews <greg.matthews at diamond.ac.uk> writes:

>> Actually, I haven't tried it recently. But I have recently tried
>> to run a recompiled and reconfigured RHEL 5 kernel on a stock
>> ext3 filesystem. And it crashed almost immediately with filesystem
>> corruption. And the RHEL 5 grub can't read a stock ext3 filesystem
>> either.
> this is news to me. where can I find info on the modifications that RH
> are using? Google hasn't turned anything up for me this morning.

It sounds implausible, and the RH grub has no patches that mention ext3
in their name, but I'm not sure I've actually booted that way round.

>> But apparently the RH kernels require the extensions in order to
>> write.

Experimentally an ext3 filesystem made on SuSE, seems fine for i/o from
RH 5.4.

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