[Beowulf] mpd ..failed ..!

Sellers, William A. (LARC-D205)[NCI] w.a.sellers at nasa.gov
Mon Nov 16 05:44:50 PST 2009

You need to create a .mpd.conf file in your home directory - ~/.mpd.conf and it must contain a line:


The file must be mode 600 or it will not work.  Make sure this file is shared among all the nodes.

Also I suggest using mpdboot from the first node instead of invoking mpd directly.  I've had better success with mpdboot.


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Hello All.
I have a cluster with 4 machines (fedora core 11).
I installed mpich2 - 1.1.1-1.fc11.i586.rpm .
I wrote on every machine :

mpd &
mpdtrace -l

then i wrote  on thr Master :

mpd -h Worker1.cluster.net - p 56128 -n

I got :
Master.cluster.net_38047 (connect_lhs 944): NOT OK to enter ring; one likely cause: mismatched secretwords
Master.cluster.net_38047 (enter_ring 873): lhs connect failed
Master.cluster.net_38047 (run 256): failed to enter ring

And the same was for other machines : Worker2 and Worker3 .
For information :
I have SSH works on ..

So where is the problem ?
What i have to do ?
I really need your help .

Regarded .

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