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Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Tue May 26 12:24:26 PDT 2009

On Tue, 26 May 2009, Nifty Tom Mitchell wrote:

> The comparison of "fixings" vs. the deli goes a long way.
> How close in time and space is the deli/ market.
> Do you eat the same thing each day.
> If there are multiple people do they eat the same, do
> they eat left overs.
> Cleanup sanitation -- do you have the clean up bug or expect Mom to do it.
> Regulation,  deli, home, dorm room... regulations apply.
> Equipment.... does HR have a kitten when you pull a sharp bread knife out.
> Shared commons, diet, sharing, budgeting process.

Sure, but when you eat at the Deli and pay twice as much for a meal, the
marginal cost difference will buy you an extra sandwich at home or pay
per view movie to watch while you eat the sandwich.

The marginal cost difference on a $500,000 storage array (home) vs one
from the Deli at $1,000,000 will buy you a an extra house in an upscale
neighborhood or put all of your kids through college with change back
from your meal.

And even on the smaller scale, the savings add up.  That's why we
parents nag our kids to go into the damn kitchen and fix yourself a
sandwich instead of expecting >>us<< to take them off to the deli and
spend twice as much.  Ultimately a CBA is a CBA, and eating out is a
luxury, not a necessity.


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