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> On Sun, May 17, 2009 at 12:04 PM, Jan Heichler <jan.heichler at gmx.net>

> >  Hallo Tiago,
>>   Which brings to a point that I forgot to mention to you. When
>> considering Intel machines, you can always get a compiler license for
>> give or take,
>> 2000 USD sounds rather expensive. Node locked licenses are usually
>> cheaper... Look for the package with Compilers, MKL and MPI - the Cluster
>> Toolkit. Is definitely worth it (when buying more than just a single
>> machine).

>It wasn't, Intel only required me that we purchase one license that can be
>used to compile software for all nodes. Given the price of the 8 nodes, it
>was a small percentage of the total. Still, it seems to be cheaper, I've
> checked the Cluster Toolkit Compiler Edition for Linux costs $1699.
> I mostly only use ICC, Ifort and sometimes MKL. Even MKL isn't faster than
> GotoBLAS, although not by much, and I only use it when I need LAPACK
> routines.
> Best regards,
> Tiago Marques

>> Jan

Hello List,

There are quite a few versions of the Intel Cluster Compiler kits out these
days and there are discounts available for education. The large Intel
Cluster Compiler Toolkit offers C++, Fortran, MKL and MPI. If you do not
need the Intel MPI then save yourself some money and go for the Intel
Compiler Suite Professional Edition which includes C++, Fortran and MKL. The
Intel part number is CSP999LSGE1; or for those in the academia, use this
part number to save about 65%: CSP999LSAE1. Apparently they are fond of
their MPI product because the Pro Edition is much less expensive. This part
is hard to find from the compilers website so here is a link:


John Krump
Twitter: @HPC_John
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