[Beowulf] GPU diagnostics?

David Mathog mathog at caltech.edu
Mon Mar 30 15:02:00 PDT 2009

Donald Becker wrote:
> On Mon, 30 Mar 2009, David Mathog wrote:
> > Joe Landman wrote:
> > > Vendors have an nVidia supplied *GEMM based burn in test.  Been
> > > about a set of diagnostics end users can run as a sanity check.
> > 
> > My suspicion is that vendors run such burn in tests only for a very
> > brief time.  That time being "the minimum time required to find the
> > percentage of failed units above which it would cost us more if they
> > were found to be bad in the field" - and not a second longer.
> I don't know about other vendors, but that's not Penguin's approach.

By "vendor" I meant graphics card vendors, not cluster or HPC vendors. 
My interest in this sort of diagnostic arose in relation to an
inexpensive graphics card bought at Newegg.  I was asking here
specifically because it seemed likely that HPC vendors _would_ have
the sort of GPU diagnostic I was seeking, and might be willing to share
it.  (As opposed to the tool Joe referred to, which seems not to be
generally available.)


David Mathog
mathog at caltech.edu
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