[Beowulf] Memory errors poll

ariel sabiguero yawelak asabigue at fing.edu.uy
Sun Mar 29 06:22:10 PDT 2009

Hi all.

This is not a direct HPC question per-se, but your clusters are an
excellent source for the information I need, so here it goes:

/Could those of you running ECC memory give me an updated figure on the
number of errors detected/corrected per day per system? /

We are working on self-healing mechanisms and we need actual information
on the number of errors that state-of-the-art systems are facing today.
You can imagine why I envy your farms....
I have an old figure of about 1 error-bit per day per system at sea
level, but I would like to know if it is getting worse or better.

thanks in advance

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