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On Thu, 26 Mar 2009 at 10:17am, Lux, James P wrote

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>> Note that Leif mentioned medical equipment with embedded
>> Windows systems.
>> And he's right -- you're not allowed to touch the software
>> build on those without getting the new build approved by the
>> FDA (at least, not if you want to use said equipment on real
>> live patients).  And those machines are generally networked
>> so that the data (images, e.g.) can be uploaded.  It is very,
>> very scary.  Why anyone ever made the decision to run medical
>> equipment on Windows (over the screams of the engineering
>> team) is utterly beyond me.
> Not to be a MS fanboy, but it should also be recognized that Windows 
> Embedded is a different animal than consumer Windows. Or, more properly, 
> Windows Embedded CAN be made a different animal.  It's up to the system

I should have clarified that when I said "embedded" above I didn't mean 
"Embedded".  The equipment I was obliquely referring to was running bog 
standard XP.  *shudder*

Joshua Baker-LePain
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