[Beowulf] Wired article about Go machine

Ellis Wilson xclski at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 24 09:06:38 PDT 2009

Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
> If experienced IT guys don't manage within 1 day to get something like 
> that done with it,
> for sure office personnel with less of an experience there will fail. 
> Then additional the
> documentation totally fails there.

Actually, I would be inclined to think that office personnel are MORE 
capable for this type of task than "IT guys".  Not only will they have 
spent a vast majority of their day working with all types of word 
processing software, they would be in their position less single-minded 
about one particular brand of software and thereby more open-minded in 
their approach.

I can't tell you the number of times I've battled with "IT guys" who 
have severe prejudices against things that in fact they don't know about 
because they are too lazy to experiment with different solutions to the 
same problem.



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