[Beowulf] Resource conflict

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Mon Mar 16 20:24:24 PDT 2009

> of 400MHz Kingston DDR1 ECC, two sata 250GB Maxtor, new CD-ROM and

so this is ddr1/pc3200, right?

> Phoenix Trusted Server 1.03.2895

I think that bios version is quite out of date:

> CPU0 MemClk 200MHz Tcl=3.0 Trc=3 Tras=8 Trp=3

200 gets doubled (ddr) to 400 mega-transfers per second, which is pc3200.

> CPU1 MemClk 100MHz Tcl=??? Trc=0 Tras=Trp=0

this indicates that the memory isn't detected, I think.  I think you 
have just two dimms installed, which would agree.

> Resource conflict - PCI Mass Storage Controller in slot 01
> Bus:01, Device:04, Function:00 was unable to run due to memory constraints.

that sounds like the device is requiring its PCI resources 
mapped to physical addresses occupied by memory.  I would guess 
that there are bios options that would work around this.  but 
I'd update the bios first.

> Well, I am no system maintainer (there is nobody here that qualifies
> for that) and I can imagine a lot of different possibilities, from
> faulty RAM (that suspicious reading 200MHz and 100MHz, while they are
> 400MHz) on...

nah, the ram sounds fine.  the issue is getting it to boot into the 
flash image, I think.

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