[Beowulf] Beowulf on head Core2Duo/8RAM/8800GTX(4 CUDA) + 2 nodes - SonyPS3 + AlliedTelesyn GLAN Switch running "home-made CFD-program

Gus Correa gus at ldeo.columbia.edu
Fri Mar 6 08:04:36 PST 2009

Hello Dmitry, list

Can you explain your hardware configuration a little better, please?
It came only on the message subject.
Too telegraphic for an explanation.
Way too long for a message subject title.
I copied it to the body of the message below.

1) Are your two nodes Core2Duo like the head node?
2) Are they two Sony PlayStation-3 boxes?
3) Or are they something else?
4) Do you have Nvidia 8800 GTX only on the head node or also on
the two (compute) nodes (if they are not PS3)?
5) Do you plan to use CUDA for CFD parallel processing along with PVM?

I don't think there is any downloadable setup for clusters in
the Beowulf site.
There is great information,
but not a full OS plus clustering software.

However, you can find a full cluster setup in Rocks Clusters,
which is free and easy to install:


Nevertheless, it won't work with PlayStation, Fedora,
or FreeBSD, I guess (they use CentOS, RHEL or Scientific Linux).

MPI superseded PVM a while ago.
These are the two main open source versions of MPI:


The old PVM is available here:


I hope this helps.

Gus Correa
Gustavo Correa
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory - Columbia University
Palisades, NY, 10964-8000 - USA

Dmitry Zaletnev wrote:

 > Subject:
 > Beowulf on head Core2Duo/8RAM/8800GTX(4 CUDA) +
 > 2 nodes -	SonyPS3 +
 > AlliedTelesyn GLAN Switch running
 > "home-made CFD-program".
 > Message:
 > I have such a configuration and now I'm interested,
 > where can I obtain Beowulf & PVM, in "Operating systems.
 > Internals and Design Principles. 4-th Ed." by W.Stollings,
 > said that i can obtain Beowulf from www.beowulf.org.
 > But I cann't find the path to download.
 > The same is with PVM.
 > By the way, what OS should i use:
 > Fedora-based Yellow Dog Linux and Fedora for Head;
 > NetBSD everywhere or something else?
 > I am new in Linux, this cluster is intended
 > for my scientific activity to make a work,
 > that would make possible to me to became Ph.D.
 > in heat-transfer coupled with hydrodynamics.
 > Sincerely yours, Dmitry Zaletnev.
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