[Beowulf] Sell a U41 rack w/ computers and switches

Karlan T. Mitchell karlanmitchell at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 11:26:19 PDT 2009

Hello everyone, I helped a friend get his cluster up and running and but
when he found out how much it would cost for electricity and maintenance he
became fond of the idea of just selling the thing.

Its a U41 amax rack with 14 blades with 4 1.6ghz processors, 4gb ram, 250gb
harddisks each.   Two heavy duty UPSs, Three switches, everything is
gigabit, and controlled by bladelike monitor/keyboard/mouse.  Basically it
is good to go.

I have written software which pxe boots an operating system on all nodes
except for the first, making maintenance way easy for anyone who knows what
they are doing.(my website has more details)

I would put this guy on ebay, but considering we needed a forklift to move
it in the first place it be great to find someone in the San Francisco bay
area to avoid a shipping nightmare.


- Karlan Thomas Mitchell
- http://3dstoneage.com
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