[Beowulf] noobs: what comes next?

Hearns, John john.hearns at mclaren.com
Mon Jun 22 23:37:19 PDT 2009

> I've sent this mail as a direct reply to Mr. John Hearns, so I'm
> sending
> it again to the list - my apologies to Mr. Hearns.

Emmm... John please!

> Hearns, John wrote:
> > >
> > > I would guess you are looking are looking at using OpenFOAM for
> > > solver?
> Of course, what else is there? :))

You can download a trial version of CD-Adapco software,
But I Agree for the budget point of 0 there's not much choice!

> I'm also worried about the coarse grained nature of CFD simulations if
> I
> go down this road - the IPC is really low with respect to RAM access
> and
> data manipulation (again, I might be wrong, please correct me). Having
> 4
> cores accessing 2GB of RAM all the time... can this be a problem?

You're going to need more than 2 or 4 Gbytes memory for any real CFD
Seriously, these days people are speccing 4gigs for office workstations.
Regarding memory bandwidth, note that I said Nehalem - which are getting
good benchmark results
For CFD codes.
IF I were you I would seriously be considering my budget and looking at
a as good a Nehalem
Workstation as I can afford.
Sorry, I know this goes against the list's origins in making good use of
cheap or surplus hardware,
And I hang mu head in shame. I also hang my head in shame at using
Outlook which Capitalises Every Line.

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