[Beowulf] HPC fault tolerance using virtualization

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Wed Jun 17 12:10:07 PDT 2009

> out of curiosity, why do you call this sort of thing HPC?
> I think "batch" or perhaps "throughput" covers it, but why _high_performance_,
> if in fact it composed of all routine-performance pieces?

It's a calling a duck a duck issue. "Warehouse computing" looks a lot
like ethernet-connected HPC clusters, only larger. I can't afford to
waste a couple of days running Linpack, so my clusters don't appear on
the Top500. I do a mix of embarrassingly parallel jobs and
tightly-coupled parallel computations. It looks a lot like how the oil
& gas industry uses clusters.

-- greg (wearing my Blekko hat)

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