[Beowulf] MPI can determine which CPU to send a process?

Otavio Augusto octopos at comp.ufu.br
Wed Jul 29 16:09:31 PDT 2009


I'm search the best Message Passing implementation to use in the University
Beowulf Cluster, and I was wandering if  MPI can determine which CPU to send
a process.
With MPI I can determine the host and the number of process, and with
-npernode , the number of process per nodes, but that guaranty that if I put
4 quad cores in some host list, and use -npernode 3, it will execute exactly
1 process per CPU in which  host?
And I can determine the CPU to send a process, like CPU1 ou CPU0 ?

Best Regards.

Otavio Augusto.
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