[Beowulf] Problem with environment variable

Giuseppina Venezia giusy.venezia at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 12:11:56 PDT 2009


I'am using PVM with two nodes: a master node with Fedora Core 8 called
"pippo" and a slave node with ubuntu 8.10 called "pluto".

I've installed PVM on both "pippo" and "pluto", and set those
environment variables:


in .bashrc and /etc/profile

Tha problem in that when I add another host from the master node I got
the following error:

pvm> add pluto
add pluto
0 successful
                    HOST     DTID
                   pluto Can't start pvmd

Auto-Diagnosing Failed Hosts...
Verifying Local Path to "rsh"...
Rsh found in /usr/bin/rsh - O.K.
Testing Rsh/Rhosts Access to Host "pluto"...
Rsh/Rhosts Access is O.K.
Checking O.S. Type (Unix test) on Host "pluto"...
Host pluto is Unix-based.
Checking $PVM_ROOT on Host "pluto"...

The value of the $PVM_ROOT environment
variable on pluto is invalid ("").
Use the absolute path to the pvm3/ directory.


However, if I try echo $PVM_ROOT on slave node ("pluto") I got


Could you help me?
Thank you in advance

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