[Beowulf] *FREE* SC09 Education Program's Summer Tutorial Workshops (Ark, OK)

Jim Paugh jpaugh at advancedclustering.com
Mon Jul 6 09:29:15 PDT 2009

Came across this announcement and thought I'd pass it along:



SC09 Education Program's Summer Tutorial Workshops
on Computational Science & Engineering and Parallel Computing


Please apply to register as soon as possible.

And please feel free to share this information with anyone you
think might be interested and eligible.


The Supercomputing 2009 Education Program's summer tutorial workshop
series is hosting a series of *FREE* weeklong summer tutorial
workshops this summer, across the US.

There will be *TWO* workshops held in the southern Great Plains
region this August:

Aug 2- 8: U Arkansas: Introduction to Computational Thinking
Aug 9-15: U Oklahoma: Parallel Programming & Cluster Computing

These tutorial workshops will cover not only how to do various kinds
of computational science & engineering as well as parallel computing,
but also how to teach these topics, and how to use computational
methods in your teaching.

The tutorial workshops are *FREE* (except you have to pay your own
transportation costs to and from the workshop institution), and
we'll feed you and house you at no charge.

Each tutorial workshop will require a $150 FULLY REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.

(To get your refund, you'll need to attend the workshop EVERY SINGLE
DAY, and submit the daily surveys EVERY SINGLE DAY, plus the
pre-survey and the post-survey.)

The website for these *FREE* tutorial workshops is:


and then follow the links to the workshop registration page.

*BOTH* workshops are *ALMOST FULL!*

So if you want to apply to register, it's *VERY IMPORTANT* that you

We would prefer that you apply *RIGHT AWAY* if at all possible.

Please bear in mind that you are *applying* for registration, and
that applying doesn't guarantee acceptance, although of course
we'll try to accept as many people as we have room and budget for.

Preference will be given to teaching faculty (or soon-to-be-faculty)
who expect to use the workshop content in their own teaching,
although historically we have accepted a limited number of others
(students, staff etc).

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to any relevant faculty,
staff etc, not just locally but nationwide.


Henry Neeman (hneeman at ou.edu)
Director, OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research (OSCER)
University of Oklahoma Information Technology
Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science
* Ranked 10th in PC Magazine's 2008 Top 20 Wired Campuses
* Computerworld 2006 100 Best Places to Work in IT

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