[Beowulf] Odd AMD quad core SuperMicro power off issues

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Mon Jul 6 22:20:36 PDT 2009

----- "Jason Clinton" <jclinton at advancedclustering.com> wrote:

Hi Jason,

> We saw a similar power-off issue on a customer of ours who upgraded
> from 2220's to Barcelona's on a similar board; it was reproducible at
> the same failure rate on approximately 160 nodes. After trying just
> about everything under the sun, we wholesale replaced all the memory
> in the entire cluster. The power-offs ceased immediately thereafter
> and have not returned.

We saw that with Barcelona's, but instead going to the
2.3GHz (75W) Shanghai's solved the issue for us - we were
rather surprised to see it reappear with the 2.4GHz (55W)
Shanghai. :-(

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