[Beowulf] Supermicro 2U

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Fri Feb 20 12:59:44 PST 2009

> New. Shiny. http://www.supermicro.com/products/nfo/2UTwin2.cfm

I'm a bit puzzled.  cpu/mem density is the same as for their older 
dual-node-1U line.  I guess it's handy to have 3 normal disks per node.

> The nice thing is that the motherboards are hot-swap from the rear -
> so these things

hmm, I don't see that stated.  do they have some kind of HS tray?
the boards clearly have ATX-like power connectors, which don't seem HS.

> offer the best of both worlds if blade servers and discreet rackable servers.

I still don't really understand why blades are considered attractive...

> I make this 32 cores in 2U - heck of a lot of CPU power. If you could

same as a pair of dual-node 1U's though.  there might be some power savings,
as well, though (93% sounds great, but given that each node is probably
>350W, it seems like the 2x1.2KW PSU would be operating at <60% capacity...)

> stand the racket it would sit nicely
> under your desk.

wouldn't the 1.4 KW dissipation be a concern in most any office?

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