[Beowulf] Please help to setup Beowulf

Prentice Bisbal prentice at ias.edu
Thu Feb 19 13:24:18 PST 2009

Bill Rankin wrote:
>> The fact that I  
>> never met a serious PBS shop that had not made local custom changes to  
>> the source code also soured me on deploying it when I was putting such  
>> things into conservative IT shops who were still new and fearful of  
>> Linux.
> One thing to note on Chris's review is that the PBS he is referring to
> is effectively OpenPBS.  PBS Pro from Altair is a different product
> entirely (forked from OpenPBS many years and feature sets ago).  One
> important item is that PBS Pro support job arrays very nicely.
> -bill
> (full disclosure - yeah, I work for Altair.  Did you guess? ;) )

Actaully, Chris is probably talking about Torque, which split from
OpenPBS years ago, but many people still refer to as PBS.


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