[Beowulf] longevity of 1U servers?

Lukasz Salwinski lukasz at mbi.ucla.edu
Mon Feb 9 15:11:57 PST 2009

Mark Hahn wrote:
>> Realistically, how long should one expect current 1U servers to last?
> I'm not overly fond of soprano choral works either, but they're not
> _inherent_ to 1u-ism.  I have some 1u's with centrifugal fans that are in
> their, uh, probably 7th year of service.  jeez.
> arguably, those chassis couldn't have cooled dual-125W-socket boards,
> but modern 50-75W cpus seem to be pretty popular...

A single box is essentially a no-data point, especially in a beowulf
context, but we've got one 1u running, more or less happily, since
early 2000 ;o) It's still booting from it's original 4GB drive :OP


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