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Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Sun Feb 8 10:41:26 PST 2009

Am 04.02.2009 um 20:00 schrieb Francesco Pietra:

> How to purge remove cleanly a damaged X server from a working station
> running on debian lenny amd64?
> Failure of one (or two) slot(s) of  kingston 400 DDR1 ECC on the
> multisocket workstation prevents running startx, presumably by
> corrupting files related to X. My work around did not resolve the
> issue. Therefore, I would like to remove completely the X server
> without leaving broken packages (using aptitude?). This would be the
> first step to reinstall X. I rarely use X, except to check the
> molecular structure for certain input files to molecular mechanics
> software. In this case X is important, not to go on blindly.
> I have been advised to carry out a fresh install of linux.

I second this. Fixing all the broken files might take more time, as  
you can't be sure what was really affected.

> I would
> like to avoid that because of so many compilations to carry out.

Having a working backup would make this an issue of a few minutes.  
You don't have any?

-- Reuti

> Incidentally, it is my impression that such software as memtest86+ v.
> 2.11 and lshw find difficult to test such multisocket mainboards as
> supermicro H8QC8. Once the damaged slots were replaced with Patriot
> 400 DDR1 ECC, both bios and top detect all the RAM installed, whic
> corresponds to all DIMMs filled. Both lshw and memtest report four
> DIMMs empty; this would correspond to 20GB instead of the 24 GB
> installed. memtest also reports 23GB total and cached. Clearly,
> memtest is confused. Or I am.
> Thanks
> francesco pietra
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