[Beowulf] What is the right lubricant for computer rack sliding rails?

Lux, James P james.p.lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Sat Feb 7 18:05:58 PST 2009

On 2/7/09 4:23 PM, "Mark Hahn" <hahn at mcmaster.ca> wrote:

>> The tricky thing with the "rack rail" approach (which we use a LOT at JPL)
>> you give is that if the units have cases that are also full height, you
>> can't stack one unit directly above another, so you have to leave a 1U gap.
> OK, this may gross you all out, but why mount 1U's individually at all?
> I'm a lazy slob, but I have several 1U's stacked on top of each other -
> after all, how often will you really need to get the non-top one(s) out?

1) Because some manufacturer's chassis and front panels aren't exactly the
same height, so they don't stack evenly.
2) Because the boxes, even with frontpanel and chassis height identical,
aren't exactly a multiple of U,  so by the time you've stacked a couple or
three, the holes in the panel don't match the vertical support, so you can't
get the screws in to hold them.  (hey, if you live in earthquake country,
this kind of thing gets your attention)  (but that's what ratchet straps are
for...) (or wooden shims... A few bucks for a whole pile of em at the
hardware store)

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