[Beowulf] What is the right lubricant for computer rack sliding rails?

Prentice Bisbal prentice at ias.edu
Fri Feb 6 11:45:50 PST 2009

Geoffrey Jacobs wrote:
> Teflon grease can be purchased from Bicycle shops. It's apparently more
> durable than lithium grease over a reasonable temperature range -- less
> prone to go runny.

Exactly what I was thinking! I'd go with Park Tools Poly Lube 1000:


You can get it at any bike shop real cheap, and EMS has it for only $4,
according to a quick web search. I used it to repack the loose-ball hubs
on my road bike last summer, so I'm sure it can stand the stresses of
server rails.

If you really want to feel extravagant, you can splurge and get the Phil
Wood waterproof grease:



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