[Beowulf] Intel compiler part of the anti-trust lawsuit

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Wed Dec 16 09:33:05 PST 2009

You folks will recall that Intel, a while ago, stopped enabling their
compiler's highest optimization levels for chips that weren't "Genuine
Intel(tm)". Well, that's part of the new FTC complaint against Intel:

 Intel secretly redesigned key software, known as a compiler, in a way
 that deliberately stunted the performance of competitors’ CPU
 chips. Intel told its customers and the public that software performed
 better on Intel CPUs than on competitors’ CPUs, but the company
 deceived them by failing to disclose that these differences were due
 largely or entirely to Intel’s compiler design.

PathScale was subpoenaed a long time ago by both AMD and Intel about
this issue for the AMD/Intel lawsuit, recently settled.

The bundling of chipsets with Atom processors (it's cheaper to buy
both than a naked cpu) seems to also be part of the suit.

-- greg

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