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Jörg Saßmannshausen jorg.sassmannshausen at strath.ac.uk
Thu Dec 10 06:56:29 PST 2009

Hi Doug,

I have heard of Open-MX before, do you need special hardware for that? We are 
currently using one GB network here on the cluster (for everything: NFS, 
MPI...) and I would like to increase the performance for the parallel codes I 
am using (NWChem, cp2k, GAMESS) without dishing out too much money for IB or 
Myrinet as the cluster is too small for them (22 nodes right now).

All the best


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> The performance of GigE can vary widely based on several
> issues:
>  - chipset
>  - driver
>  - driver settings (interrupt coalescing etc.)
>  - switch performance under load
>  - switch manufacturer
> A well tuned GigE network is never as good as
> IB or Myrinet, but it can work well for some codes.
> You can also try using Open-MX instead of TCP
> for MPI communications.
> --
> Doug

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