[Beowulf] Forwarded from a long time reader having trouble posting

Joshua Baker-LePain jlb17 at duke.edu
Wed Dec 2 10:14:32 PST 2009

On Wed, 2 Dec 2009 at 10:42am, Chris Samuel wrote

>> I believe xfs is now available in 5.4.  I'd have to check.
> My meagre understanding based totally on rumours is
> that it's still a preview release and that you need
> a special support contract with Red Hat to get access.
> I'd love to know that I'm wrong there though!

In CentOS, at least, the xfs module comes with the regular kernel (so I'm 
guessing it's the same with stock RHEL).  What Red Hat is *not* shipping 
by default are any of the filesystem utilities, so you can't, e.g., 
actually mkfs an XFS filesystem.  But you can get the xfsprogs RPM from 
the CentOS extras repo and that should work just fine.

Joshua Baker-LePain
QB3 Shared Cluster Sysadmin

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