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Wed Dec 2 03:59:55 PST 2009

> I believe the older kernels handle the extra cores rather poorly, and don't
> even recognize the intel CPUs as NUMA enabled.  You didn't mention hardware
> or
> software RAID.  I'd recommend RAID scrubbing, and if software that requires
> (I
> think) >= 2.6.21, although (I think) Redhat back ported it into their
> newest
> kernels in 5.4, or maybe 5.3.  Definitely not in 5.1 though.
For performance reasons we added the 3ware card to handle the raid.

> I've not seen a particularly big difference on random workloads typical of
> databases.  Are the databases bigger than ram?  Does your 3ware have a
> battery?  Allowing the raid controller to acknowledge writes before they
> hit
> the disk might be a big win (if your DB has lots of writes)?  Can you
> afford a
> SSD to hold the berkeley DB?
The card has 512 MB of memory. I suppose it will cache the writes there. But
the bdb's can be up to 70 GB large so we'll never be able to pull them in
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