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Wed Dec 2 03:47:19 PST 2009

> Maybe also some licensing breaks on large volume licensing. Red Hat is
> primarily a sales and service organisation that also produces a Linux
> by-product :) The HPC variant is targetted at areas which deal in large
> clusters at cheaper than Red Hat Enterprise Linux for servers at
> equivalent volume, IIRC.

AFAICT the HPC version is more expensive but you get extra tools for that
such as benchmarks, pre-compiled mpi, batch-scheduler from Platform.

But MPI is easy to intall and I would prefer other batch-schedulers instead
of the one of Platform so ... I wonder if the kernel/distribution itself is
more optimised ?

> Since you have up to date hardware - also check on the necessary version
> of 3Ware drivers and where they are supported. The command line
> utilities are particularly useful.

thanks for the tip.

> You get ext3 or Red Hat's cluster filesystem ?? GFS ??, I think. No xfs
> / Reiser by default. Check also with HP as to what file systems they
> would recommend.

No, we'll be using local file systems primarily and also a connection to a
SAN but no global filesystem.
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