[Beowulf] Forwarded from a long time reader having trouble posting

Gerald Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Tue Dec 1 11:45:13 PST 2009

Toon, welcome back!

I've been quite happy with CentOS 5.3 and we're experimenting with 
CentOS 5.4 now.  I see good stability in 5.[34] and the incorporation of 
a couple of tools worth having in a distribution for 'Wulf use.  I'd not 
recommend sticking with the old version, but of course, once you're 
established, not carelessly upgrading, either.


Joe Landman wrote:
> My apologies if this is bad form, I know Toon from his past 
> participation on this list, and he asked me to forward.
> -------- Original Message --------
> Dear all,
> I've been working on hpux-itanium for the last 2 years (and even
> unsubscribed to beowulf-ml during most of that time, my bad) but soon
> will turn back to a beowulf cluster (HP DL380G6's with Xeon X5570,
> amcc/3ware 9690SA-8i with 4 x 600GB Cheetah 15krpm). Now I have a few
> questions on the config.
> 1) our company is standardised on RHEL 5.1. Would sticking with rhel 5.1
> instead of going to the latest make a difference.
> 2) What are the advantages of the hpc version of rhel. I browsed the doc
> but unless having to compile mpi myself I do not see a difference or did
> I miss soth.
> 3) which filesystem is advisable knowing that we're calculating on large
> berkeley db databases
> thanks in advance,
> toon
> Toon Knapen toon.knapen at gmail.com
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