[Beowulf] Anybody going with AMD Istanbul 6-core CPU's?

Craig Tierney Craig.Tierney at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 25 10:09:16 PDT 2009

Steve Cousins wrote:
> I haven't seen anybody here talking about the 6-core AMD CPU's yet. Is
> anybody trying these out? Anybody have real-world comparisons (say WRF)
> of scalability of a 12-core system vs. a 16 thread Nehalem system?
> Thanks,
> Steve

We looked at them and the processor may have been available when we needed
to take delivery. However, the platform that would take advantage of
the chip, Fiorano, isn't out yet (or just out).  When that gets released,
then there will be something worth comparing.

As far as using threading, I doubt that threading is going to buy you
much for WRF.  Minimal testing showed no benefit and it is more likely
to cause confusion to the users than a small bump in speed.  We would like
to test it more in the future, but right now the users need cycles.


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Craig Tierney (craig.tierney at noaa.gov)

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