[Beowulf] PathScale (RIP) WAS: bizarre scaling behavior on a Nehalem

"C. Bergström" codestr0m at osunix.org
Sat Aug 15 19:45:54 PDT 2009

Bill Broadley wrote:
> ...
> Were the binaries compiled specifically to target both architectures?  As a
> first guess I suggest trying pathscale (RIP) or open64 for amd, and intel's
> compiler for intel.  But portland group does a good job at both in most cases.
I'm just now catching up on my email and really cringed when I read this...

Keep an eye out for PathScale related news in the near future.

If you were an old PathScale customer please feel free to contact me 
offline.  If by phone after Wednesday of next week is best.

preferred email : codestr0m at osunix.org
direct : +1 415-269-8386


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