[Beowulf] METIS Partitioning within program

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Mon Aug 17 09:05:59 PDT 2009

>> For my parallel code to run, I first make grid partitioning on command line
>> then for running the parallel code I give hard-code the path of
>> METIS-partition files. It is very cumbersome if I need to run code with
>> different grids and for different -np value. Please tell me how to call

this sort of thing is not uncommon - I normally recommend that the user
submit a script which does the setup step, then mpirun's the parallel code.
this wastes some cycles (the setup is normally serial, so wastes n-1 cpus
for that duration.)  alternatively, submitting a serial setup job followed 
by a (dependent) parallel job makes sense but incurs more queue time.

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