[Beowulf] Entry Level HPC?

Tim Kissane tim at timbury.net
Thu Apr 30 07:51:16 PDT 2009

Greetings, all.

Warning: this is a request for advice regarding a search
for a job in HPC, just in case that sort of thing turns you off. :)

I've been reading (lurking?) this list for some time now, because
of my personal interest in Beowulf systems. The recent discussion,
"Beowulf SysAdmin Job Description", has prompted me to ask a
question. What are the entry requirements for a job in HPC?

I'm 48 years young and looking for work. My resume can be seen
online at http://timbury.net/tim/ and you will note that I have little
"official" sysadmin job experience. I started running Linux around
1995 with kernel 0.99. I've been an evangelist ever since. I got
involved with Linux because I wanted a job working with Unix.

I've since installed, configured, maintained and administrated
a number of Linux networks as a consultant. I worked over 2 years
as a release engineer responsible for build management across
AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux and Windows platforms. Scripting for
system and admin functions in perl, sh, etc. is no problem.

My educational background is a Computer Electronics tech school
way back in '83 and a BS in physics in '92. Some grad studies in
physics and compsci, but I left school to take a job.

I'm currently scraping out a living from several online ventures and
taking (god help me) local jobs removing viruses from you-know-what-os
PCs. I cannot afford to build my own cluster to gain experience, so
I'd like to know: Is a job in HPC simply not in the cards for me?
Should I return to grad school (not likely at this point)?

I thank you for your kind indulgence. If this is felt to be an inappropriate
use of the list, I shall be happy to remove myself.


Tim Kissane, Timbury Computer Services
email: tim at timbury.net
phone: 732.604.3817
timbury.com | timbury.net | timbury.org | timkissane.com

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