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>>>>> My favorite characteristic of these urban legends is that anyone 
>>>>> smart enough to pull off a trick like this is probably already 
>>>>> making enough money that they don't need to steal electricity.
>>>> But I read it on the internets, and I don't have to know how it 
>>>> works, just follow the E-Z step by step instructions in 
>> the Youtube video.
>>>> And as for the source for the copper wire, you just wait til it's 
>>>> daytime, and steal it from the streetlight system like 
>> everyone else does.
>>> What's worse is when it appears in the IEEE Transactions, 
>> and I spend 
>>> a year and $4k to build the antenna I couldn't prove 
>> mathematically (I 
>>> assumed the authors' calculus fu was better than mine).  It didn't 
>>> work on paper when I tried... and it didn't work in 
>> practice with all 
>>> the same hardware save the 2 gm of unobtainium.
>> Yeah; let us know when you find a good source for that...
> Simple..it's in the cave of Grendel's mother
> You need a horse with a braided mane (line 1400)  to get there
> A shining helm (line 1448) and ring-mail (line 1503) and swords with pattern welded blades (numerous instances of wave swords, etc.)
> But most important, you need Hrunting: one above of ancient treasures, edged with iron, patterned with poison twigs, even if it doesn't work because Grendel's mom is holding you, it probably helps to have the monster fighting magic though.
> Here's Ben Slade telling the story of cutting off Grendel's head (of course, otherwise you don't get the treasure, eh?)
> http://www.beowulftranslations.net/beorefs/beowulf-audio-1584b-1590b-benslade.mp3

Damn, that and the appropriate spell were in my bag of tricks all along 
and I had forgotten to check the "Classics" folder.

> In any case, you get to come back with lots of stuff, unobtaininum among it.
> Ne nóm hé in þaém wícum     Weder-Géata léod 	He did not take into those dwelling,    the leader of the Weder-Geats,
> máðmaéhta má    þéh hé þaér monige geseah 	more treasures,    though he there saw a great number,
> búton þone hafelan    ond þá hilt somod 		but that head    and the hilt as well
> since fáge·    sweord aér gemealt· 	    		shining with ornament;    the sword had already melted,
> forbarn bródenmaél·    wæs þæt blód tó þæs hát, burned up the wavy-patterned (blade);     that blood was so hot,
> ættren ellorgaést    sé þaér inne swealt.		the venomous foreign spirit    who had perished there inside.
> (text and translation from Ben Slade...

Which is better than the translation I read from the first two times I 
slogged through it.

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