[Beowulf] 1 multicore machine cluster

Залетнев Дмитрий dzaletnev at yandex.ru
Wed Apr 22 19:43:19 PDT 2009

> is it possible to have a single multicored machine as a cluster?
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> Jonathan Aquilina

I have a 2-core  machine with a lot of memory and GLAN NIC and two PS3 with 8 cores each with 256 MB of RAM and slow GLAN network, thanks to PS3's "hypervisor", AIX-based native PS3 system, on witch CentOS-based YDL works under Virtual Machine.
I'd like that my 3 machines have common address space. In '95 there was a french project Phosphorus for PVM intended for this goal. 
Is there any common-memory module for MPICH2? I'd like to convert my geterogeneous GLAN with several nodes into single common-memory supercomputer, because my CFD-applications demand a lot of memory. By the way, in june PGI releases compilers with support of GPU programming. They're going to standardize this as it was with OpenMP. And I have nVidia G80 card in my PC.

Dmitry Zaletnev

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