[Beowulf] GSoC proposal(Open64)- application/idea

Sunita Chandrasekaran sunisg123 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 04:47:51 PDT 2009


I will be working with Christopher Bergstrom (in CC) on GSoC 2009 proposal
(Open64 organization).

We were wondering if you can give us an idea or an application to work
on/begin with?

We will be working on pragma support for open64 (

*15. Better pragma support*

*Owner:* Christopher Bergström <codestr0m at osunix.org>

*Tentative mentors*: Christopher Bergström <codestr0m at osunix.org>
*Description*: This project will extend the existing pragma support to add a
fine grained compiler hint.  Some of the goals will be to define explicit
instructions such as : unroll this loop, this variable is only unsigned and
or this value never exceeds N.  With this arbitrary information and an
additional cflag you should be able to force certain behaviors

Thank you
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