[Beowulf] NVidia woes

Sellers, William A. (LARC-D205)[NCI INFORMATION SYSTEMS] w.a.sellers at nasa.gov
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I wish NVIDIA would support yum.  NVidia, are you listening?  Keeping the kernel updated with the real nvidia driver is a pain, but needed is you run the real nvidia driver (like we do).  For those not experienced with RHEL and nvidia kernel modules, when you install a new kernel, you have to run the nvidia installer after the system boots under the new kernel to build the nvidia module for that kernel. Then a reboot gets it all working again.  Imagine doing that for 25 engineering workstations in a dept, and you'll get the idea.  Yum works great if you can live with the default 'nv' driver.


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Mark Hahn wrote:
>> It's useful because it will automatically build and install existing 
>> kernel modules for newly-installed kernels. Many vendors ship drivers 
>> as RPMs separate from the kernel, so they won't get updated when the 
>> kernel is updated unless you use something like dkms.
> interesting.  the distro-based approach is that when you update your 
> kernel, the package manager will naturally also update any packages 
> which are dependent on the kernel version.  that certainly works fine 
> if you're using normal (binary, precompiled) packages.  I guess the 
> issue with rebuilding packages is that they are, in some sense, 
> version-flexible (can be rebuilt for new kernels).  the issue, though 
> is that you don't know whether the package will still build for the 
> new kernel until you try - it might have dependencies on a symbol that 
> gets removed from the kernel update, for instance.

Right, although distributions like RHEL do a good job of keeping the kernel unchanged from an API perspective within a given release.

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