[Beowulf] Re: Rackable / SGI

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Sat Apr 4 14:35:33 PDT 2009

Jason Riedy wrote:
> And Joe Landman writes:
>> Good performance:
>> ------------------
>> GlusterFS
>> PVFS2
> I don't suppose you've experimented with Ceph or POHMELFS?  I just

Ceph yes a little.  Looking forward to it being sufficiently stable to 
use in production.  POHMELFS, not yet.  Looked at it and it looks very 
interesting.  Wasn't sure of current state.

> attempted to build Lustre support for experimenting and remembered
> why I avoid it.


I am dealing with interface blocks right now to have a fortran code call 
a C code correctly.  Ugh...  But I understand your pain.

Building GlusterFS is quite easy, and the stacking is quite logical. 
Only issues we have run into is that sometimes fuse crashes.

> And Lustre already is in an odd spot.  One high-level competitor to
> Sun uses it, HP.  Then there's Cray (where there was some joking
> that they could buy SGI at that price and extract revenge)…

I have lots of friends at both places.  Sad situation.  Cray will grow 
and thrive.   SGI has basically evaporated.  Though I am seeing some of 
their technology get open sourced very rapidly.


> Jason

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