[Beowulf] Nehalem Xeons lest think about 6 core Dunningtons if just drool factor

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Sun has "leaked" some preformance figorese see http://www.dvhardware.net/article25470.html
If you really want to drool then Intel's new 6 CORE 
"Dunnington will be a new 45nm processor in the Penryn family, it will feature three dual-core banks and have 16MB of shared L3 cache memory. Each pair of cores can also access 3MB of local L2 cache. The six-core Dunnington processors will be available in the second half of this year and will be pin-compatible with Intel Tigerton processors, this means they'll work in existing Clarksboro chipset based motherboards.:
well I wonder what rwin Dunnington Xeons would be like, og never enough money or spee and as usual before the latest greateswt product the Behalem Xeons are even available, or  has it obsolete regualarly available, Intel already has the nest product being prepped for released.  Such is the life in trying to buy a top preformance computer, as multu-cores now adding it seems faster then moore's Law of 18 months.

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Kilian CAVALOTTI wrote:
> Hi Håkon,
> Håkon Bugge wrote:
>> ... and, the statement below is based on comparing Harpertown to 
>> Nehalem. I have not tested products from Intel's competitors and 
>> compared them to Nehalem.
> Do you, by any chance, have any substantial performance figure to make 
> us drool? :)

Intel has asked that no benchmarks be published by people with units.

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