[Beowulf] Nehalem Xeons

James Cownie jcownie at cantab.net
Tue Oct 14 14:31:42 PDT 2008

On 14 Oct 2008, at 22:00, Igor Kozin wrote:

> Did you really hold the Nehalem Xeon chips in your hands? They  
> probably require new motherboards with a new chipset.
> absolutely
> It would be nice to hear from you some numbers concerning Harpertown  
> vs Nehalem performance
> those who know will not be able tell you because of the NDA.
> i think it is fair to say that the major difference is expected in  
> the memory bandwidth.

They may not be able to, but there are presentations from IDF last  
August which include some information which may be useful, and which  
is clearly public.

Start at https://intel.wingateweb.com/US08/scheduler/controller/catalog
and search for presentations which mention Nehalem.

(Disclaimer: I work for Intel).

-- Jim
James Cownie <jcownie at cantab.net>

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