[Beowulf] Linux Magazine - What He Said

David Simas dgs at slac.stanford.edu
Thu Oct 2 11:47:48 PDT 2008

> When I tried to ressurect my thing a couple years ago, I realized my
> original code was all wrong in trading time for space (plenty of time on the
> 386, then SunOS servers; not enough space, but new machine had plenty of
> unused RAM). I thought some about redesigning to reverse the trade-off,
> which would be helpful, but I'm sure it would not just be easier, but more
> effective, to run it on a cluster (many nodes, not much ram per node needed,
> and any nonzero amount of communication sufficient, but more can be
> usefull).

In case you don't know about PGAPack:


It's a genetic algorithm with MPI support.  I've used the serial version,
and it works great.  I made a half-effort at getting the MPI version
working, without success.


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